F.Deckel-Munchen 120折叠相机


        此相机产于德国慕尼黑K.W.(Kamera-Werkstatten Guthe & Thorsch)相机公司。1915年,Kamera-Werkstatten Guthe & Thorsch 相机公司在德国德累斯顿成立,创始人是两位犹太人Paul Guthe和Benno Thorsch。1937年,因为面临希特勒对犹太人的迫害,这两位犹太人考虑到自身的安全不得不分别移民到瑞士和美国。在这样的情况下,Benno Thorsch建议一位生活在美国的德国人后裔Charles A. Noble来接管公司,并更名为 Kamera-Werkstaetten Charles A.Noble。此台相机快门采用德国F. Deckel COMPUR。


F. Deckel was a German company based in Munich. It was founded in 1903 by the mechanician Friedrich Deckel and the inventor Christian Bruns as Bruns & Deckel. In 1905 Bruns left the company. In its earliest years it launched the first of its famous leaf shutters. Then it started making machine-tools and injection pumps. With its Compur shutter it became the technology leading maker of leaf shutters. In 1952 the company had 3000 employees. At the end of the 1950s its production became focused on the machine-tools. In 1994 it ended in bankruptcy.

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